A Circular Walk to Jerbourg Point from the Bella Luce

Spring and early summer is a wonderful time of year for walking on Guernsey; the wildflowers are in bloom in the hedgerows and along the cliffs, whilst the days stretch out and it’s possible to enjoy an evening stroll (like this one) before or after dinner.  This is a circular walk that starts and ends at the Bella Luce, heading out along the coast path to Guernsey’s south western-most tip at Jerbourg Point, before returning along the lanes of St Vallon.    

  • Start and Finish:         The Bella Luce to Jerbourg Point and Back
  • Distance:                      Approximately 3.8 miles
  • Time:                             1.5 – 2 hours
  • Terrain:                         Coast path - hilly, with some steep steps.  Circular return route on paved lanes and roads.

From the front entrance of the Bella Luce, turn left out of the gravel car park on La Fosse de Bas, and follow the lane downhill.  The lane picks up the stream, and winds downhill through a wooded valley to the car park above Moulin Huet Bay.  Follow the path a short way down towards the beach, and take the left turn onto the coast path that is overhung by trees. 

This path winds gently up and around, offering occasional views of the beach at Moulin Huet at low tide, and across the bay towards the Pea Stacks off Jerbourg Point.  When it meets the end of a tarmacked road, turn right then immediately right again to keep on the coast path.  Follow the path around towards Petit Port Bay, enjoying the views of Petit Port, the Pea Stacks, and back towards Saints Bay to the west.  You can descend the 300 steps to the beautiful sandy beach at Petit Port when the tide is out, but be warned that the only way back is up those same 300 steps! 

Continue on around the coast path to the south, until you reach and round Jerbourg Point where you can enjoy views west along the south coast, and east towards the islands of Sark, with Herm and Jethou too the north.

The coast path meets the end of a lane named Route de Jerbourg.  Turn right and follow the lane as it heads northeast, around the Hotel Jerbourg, then north, back along the peninsula.

Follow the lane, then take the first left turn along Le Courtillet and walk around the corner and past the old vinery glasshouses, until you come to a T-junction.  Here, you could turn left and rejoin the coast path to retrace your steps back down towards Moulin Huet.  The route that we suggest, however, takes the right turn and then the first left, along Le Hurrel.  The lane passes houses and the occasional field on the right side, before bringing you to the Old Mill Triangle in St Martins (where several lanes meet and there is a small triangular “island” between them with two trees in the middle).  Turn left along Les Camps du Moulin and follow the lane for around five minutes until you reach the rear entrance and car park of the Bella Luce. 

If you went for a walk before dinner then you’ll have walked up a good appetite and can take a seat at your table, or if you were walking after an early dinner then there’s a seat in the courtyard or at the bar with your name on it.  We’ll bring a drink to you...

Written by:

Bella Luce