A Day at The Races: Sark Sheep Racing

A day trip to our sister island of Sark is fantastic at any time of year, but if you are joining us at the Bella Luce during July then there is one particular weekend when taking the ferry to Sark is almost essential. 

As part of Sark’s annual carnival celebrations they hold a unique day of sheep racing, live music, and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.  The sheep races are a popular and much-anticipated event for locals from both Sark and Guernsey, with over 1000 people attending every year for a day of festivities and perhaps a flutter on the fastest in the flock.  This year Sark Carnival and the Sheep Races will take place on the 27th July.

The day traditionally begins with a fancy-dress parade just before midday, shortly before the sheep racing begins in the afternoon – complete with teddy bears acting as the sheep's jockeys! This tradition brings together locals from Sark and Guernsey to celebrate our wonderful community spirit. The carnival and races raise money for the island's medical charity, the Professor Saint Fund, the island’s principal charity that subsides the cost of prescription medication (to help with the additional costs of getting medication to the island) for local residents. 

If all of the excitement of the races gets too much and you need a break (or if you win big and fancy a celebration) then be sure to pay our friends at Stocks Hotel a visit – they serve fantastic food and also happen to have a very well stocked bar that includes the full range of our Wheadon's Gin, including one infusion specially made for them from ingredients foraged on Sark.

To get to Sark you can catch a ferry from Guernsey St Peter Port with Sark Shipping Company Ltd*.  For popular days such as Carnival Weekend you will need to book your tickets, as sailings are often fully booked. Ferries leave from St Peter Port to Maseline Harbour, Sark, and there are three sailings in the morning that will get you there in time for the start of the races. From Maseline Harbour it’s a short (steep) walk to Pomme De Chien where the sheep racing takes place - you can't miss it, just follow everyone else!

To find out more about what is happening in and around Guernsey and the rest of the Bailiwick during your visit, take a look at our events calendar.

*An Adult Day Return to Sark costs £29.50

Our thanks to Sark Island and the organisers of Sark Sheep Racing and Carnival for the use of their sheep racing images.

Written by:

Bella Luce