Guernsey Floral Festival 2019

In June Guernsey celebrates its fortunate maritime location between the UK and France, which gifts us an earlier start to spring than the UK as well as a milder climate.  Our flowers bloom earlier, and many sub-tropical plants thrive on our islands.  June is peak flower, with gardens, public parks and wild spaces island-wide a riot of colour; the perfect time for Guernsey’s annual Floral Festival.

"The Beauty of Guernsey is there are flowers everywhere - from wild cliff-top hedgerows to woodlands awash with bluebells and the west's orchid fields" 

Pat Johnson, Floral Guernsey Foundation.

You can wander the gorse-covered cliffs where many wildflowers bloom, or visit one of the festival’s open gardens; as well as special events at public gardens such as Saumarez Park, many beautiful private gardens will also be open to visit and enjoy, some raising money for special causes.  Here are some of our recommendations for how to make the most of Guernsey Floral Festival in 2019:

On the weekend of June 8th and 9th, over 20 “hidden” gardens in St Pierre du Bois will be open, with a trail starting at Les Buttes by the Parish Church, and a bbq between midday at 2pm and teas from 2pm-5pm on the green at Les Buttes.  Adults £7 each, children free.

On Sunday June 30th, the spectacular private garden of Castle Carey (L'Hyvreuse, St. Peter Port GY1 1UX) will be open to the public to raise money for the Sarah Groves Foundation, a local charity that supports carefully selected projects specifically designed to enhance young lives).  Enjoy these beautiful gardens and the views over town and beyond.  Adults £5 each, children free.

Throughout June there are various guided walks around Saumarez Park exploring the history, Japanese influence and families who shaped Guernsey’s largest public park.

Between mid-May and mid-June several fields on Guernsey's west coast are a riot of colour and orchid blooms. The Bridget Ozanne Orchid Fields Nature Reserve is maintained by La Société Guernesiaise, and consists of a number of fields and meadows that are left to wildflower through the spring and summer, allowing several varieties of orchid to flower.  The Bridget Ozanne Orchid Fields Nature Reserve can be found in the Perry's Reference Guide P20 B3 & C3, and is just off the 91 and 111 bus routes.  Find out more about the Bridget Ozanne Orchid Fields Nature Reserveon our dedicated Explore article.

Enjoy a celebratory limited edition Floral Festival Wheadon’s Gin infusion at the Bella Luce throughout the month of June!  Mr Wheadon has created a very special new infusion featuring a blend of Guernsey grown kumquat and foraged elderflower with 13 other botanicals including hibiscus flower and lavender.  Join us at the Bella’s bar for a unique Wheadon’s and tonic, or take a table in our courtyard garden to enjoy a Guernsey floral gin in a Guernsey garden!

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Written by:

Bella Luce