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The Bella Luce Hotel Guernsey

History of the Bella

The Bella Luce was originally constructed as one of the few Norman manor-houses on the beautiful island of Guernsey, Parts of the building date back to the 12th century. This grand Norman residence encapsulates the understated luxury that is at the core of the modern day Bella Luce Hotel and Spa.

This manor-house has been a hotel since the 1940s and is today as it was then a family owned independent concern that holds fundamental beliefs at its heart. The present custodians of the Bella Luce, the Wheadon family, had great great-grandparents that lived in the original manor house and the present director, Luke Wheadon, grew up within half a mile of the hotel.

The Bella Luce sits on top of the valley that meanders down to the stunning bay of Moulin Huet. Much has been written of Renoir’s passion and his works of this beautiful bay, which remains one of the island’s untouched hidden gems. The cliff walks around this part of the island are breathtaking and one can imagine how such majesty captivated the famous artist.
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