Guernsey and the Bella Luce have so much to offer, whatever time of year you visit us; from fantastic food and drink through to island hopping adventures, wildlife watching, fascinating historical sites and artisan producers.  Experience Guernsey like a local with us.

A Feast for the Senses with Chef Michael Bremner

As part of the 2016 Guernsey International Food Festival, the Bella Luce is proud to be hosting an experimental supper presented by award winning chef Michael Bremner on Saturday October 1st. We sat down with Michael to ask him some questions about modern dining, his inspirations, and designing dishes for different senses.

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A Guernsey Bean Jar Jamboree

Guernsey bean jar is a traditional local dish with a long history that goes back many hundreds of years. With the second annual Bean Jar Jamboree taking place this Saturday, we look back at the history of Guernsey bean jar, and ahead to this weekend's festivities.

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A Taste of Southern India at the Bella Luce

On the evening of Thursday September 22nd the marquee on the lawn here at the Bella Luce will transport guests to the Indian sub-continent, with a delicious feast of Southern Indian street food prepared by acclaimed chef Kanthi Kiran Thamma of Brighton’s award winning Curry Leaf Café. We caught up with Chef Kanthi ahead of his visit to Guernsey.

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Le Hechet Guernsey Farmhouse Ice Cream

Guernsey cows are famed around the world, and islanders are rightfully proud of our dairy farmers. Le Hechet farm, run by Julian and Katherine Ogier, produces the fantastic Guernsey Farmhouse Ice Cream, and we caught up with Katherine at a summer show recently to ask about how she got into making Guernsey's favourite ice cream.

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Guernsey Beach Guide: An Interview with the Authors

Guernsey can boast of some truly stunning beaches, ranging from the broad dune-backed sands of the west coast to the cosy little coves of the south coast and everything in between. We caught up with the authors of the indispensable Guernsey Beach Guide to learn more about what makes Guernsey's beaches so special.

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Rocquaine Regatta

This favourite festival on the west coast dates back to 1910 and has been an annual event in Guernsey’s calendar since 1974. On Saturday August 6th the 2016 Regatta will be taking place, with the sea and sand hosting numerous fun activities that you can join in with or simply sit back and watch.

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