Bella Luce Gin Experience

Gin is a spirit with both a fascinating history and an enormously wide appeal, thanks to the large variety of styles and flavour profiles available. We produce our own house gins here at the Bella Luce, distilling small batches the traditional way using a copper pot-still situated at the back of our atmospheric Cellar Lounge. Alongside the ever-present juniper, the additional botanicals that we use and the flavours produced change with the seasons, from incredibly fresh rock samphire (that we gather locally) or grapefruit and cucumber in the summer months through to earl grey, lavender or burnt orange to suit the longer evenings of winter, and because we produce small batches we can design a well balanced gin to suit your favourite flavours.
BL_Blog_04_03_Wheadons_Gin_Grapefruit_Cucumber_post.jpg Our Gin Experiences will provide you with an education in this fascinating spirit, with the Bella’s proprietor Luke Wheadon leading you through a pre-dinner tasting of various classic gin-based cocktails and popular gins, allowing you to consider which flavours you enjoy the most and then select a complimentary set of botanicals to use in the distillation of your very own exclusive batch. Whilst enjoying a range of gins you’ll learn about the history of the spirit, from its “Dutch Courage” and medicinal origins through the Gin Acts (and riots) of the 18th Century and its popularity as an anti-malarial in tropical outposts of the British Empire. You can then enjoy dining with us whilst Luke produces a small batch of your very own gin that he will serve to you at your table following your meal, as well as providing you with a small bottle each, sealed with wax, to take away with you.

To book a Bella Luce Gin Experience simply call or e-mail us with your preferred date to check availability. We will also be hosting a special one-off nautical themed gin tasting as part of the Channel Islands Heritage Festival on the evening of May 6th 2016.

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