Betwixtmas Breaks at the Bella

Keep the festive feelings flowing this year with a “Betwixtmas” visit to the Bella Luce, and make the most of those four days between Boxing Day and New Years Eve. 

With many people taking enforced time off due to business closures between Christmas and New Year, these few days are an odd annual interim that all too often are passed at home wearing new socks, eating left-overs and watching box sets.  What a missed opportunity!  Rather than whiling away the days until your New Years Eve celebrations, pack a bag and enjoy a short break to the Gin Hotel.  Here you can keep your spirits high with a gin experience at the Bella’s small batch distillery, pull up a chair next to one of our open fires and happily lose some time immersed in the book that you were given for Christmas or one of our board games, enjoy great food and drink, and head out for some bracing walks along Guernsey’s south coast cliffs starting and finishing at the Bella’s front door.  No eating left-overs and no time lost to the TV screen; but you can wear those new socks. 

These days it’s rare to be gifted a few days with minimal obligations and during which time opportunities are scarce because so many things are closed.  Don’t let it go to waste and book in a short break - be it to sit and read without interruption, walk a few miles in the fresh winter air, or distill your own gin with us.      

Written by:

Bella Luce